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Why do we need a language processor LANGUAGE PROCESSORS activities arise due to the differences between the manner in which a software designer describes the ideas concerning the behavior of software and the manner in which these ideas are implemented in a computer system.  The designer expresses the ideas in terms related to the application

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system programming : SYSTEM PROGRAMMING helps to execute the user’s programs on a computer system/hardware. Assembler Loader Linker Compiler Editor Interpreter Operating System Emulator Simulator Communication Software SYSTEM PROGRAMMING Characteristics: Knowledge of hardware and internal behavior of the computer system Uses a low-level programming language Requires little run-time overheads Executes in a resource-constrained environment Has

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What is system software? A set of instructions to perform specific tasks is called a program, and the collection of one or many programs for a specific purpose is termed as computer SOFTWARE. Types of SOFTWARE: System Software: e.g. OS, device drivers, translators, etc. Application Software: e.g. Text/Image Doc, Multimedia, etc. Utility Software: e.g. Anti-virus,

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