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system programming : SYSTEM PROGRAMMING helps to execute the user’s programs on a computer system/hardware. Assembler Loader Linker Compiler Editor Interpreter Operating System Emulator Simulator Communication Software SYSTEM PROGRAMMING Characteristics: Knowledge of hardware and internal behavior of the computer system Uses a low-level programming language Requires little run-time overheads Executes in a resource-constrained environment Has

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What is system software? A set of instructions to perform specific tasks is called a program, and the collection of one or many programs for a specific purpose is termed as computer SOFTWARE. Types of SOFTWARE: System Software: e.g. OS, device drivers, translators, etc. Application Software: e.g. Text/Image Doc, Multimedia, etc. Utility Software: e.g. Anti-virus,

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Authentication Function


DEFINITION MESSAGE AUTHENTICATION is provide by the secret keys that is done in case of encryption. MESSAGE AUTHENTICATION is concerned with  ► Protecting integrity of message ► Validating identity of originator ► Non-repudiation of origin. FUNCTIONS OF MESSAGE AUTHENTICATION. There are three functions. DEFINE 1. HASH FUNCTION A feature that maps a message of any size into a constant length hash value,

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◉ INTRODUCTION: In this article, I will give SHORT NOTE ON KERBEROS. ▶ It is a trusted key system from MIT. ▶ It provides centralized private key, third-party authentication in a distributed network. ◎ KERBORES requirements are as follow: Secure Reliable Transparent Scalable It is implemented using an authentication protocol based on Needham – Schroeder.

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WHAT IS FIVE NUMBER SUMMARY? The FIVE NUMBER SUMMARY consists of five values, from that five values it provides the information from the data set. FIVE NUMBER SUMMARY: EXAMPLE is an example. The Five Values in Five Number Summary: MEAN MEDIAN MAX Q1 Q2 I have explained all these Five Values in a previous article for FIVE

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A program for Student Attendance Management. In this program we set the criteria for students who have attendance less than 75% than as per the criteria the student is not allowed to give mid semester. If the student have greater than 75% than the student is allowed to give mid semester. This program is written

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